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Capacity Building

We help farmers address concerns and problems related to growing so they can make sound decisions when if comes to the use of their land.    

Farming Projects

What is   Technical Assistance? 

Technical assistance is the help NIFI agronomist provide, at no cost,  to  growers in order to    develop strategies, address concerns, and find solutions to problems.      Assistance may be in the form of on-site visits,  equipment rentals   and demos,  or follow-up visits   of  implemented practices.   

Technical Assistance help growers: ​

  • both experienced and beginning,   understand  the use of new technologies    and methods   

  • boost production through the use of  sustainable   agricultural systems

  • protect and improve water quality and wildlife habitat

  • provide for themselves, their families, and their community

Want to schedule a visit or have some questions? 

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