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Rooted in diverse immigrant farmer experience, NIFI strengthens the capacity of immigrant and beginners to farm successfully and to advance sustainable farming and food systems.

Guiding Principals

National Immigrant Farming Initiative (NIFI) brings leaders together at the national level in an attempt to affect policies and programs for new American farmers. NIFI members work on behalf of beginning and    immigrant    farming communities    nationwide and agree to subscribe to the following principles:

  • We stand in solidarity with beginning and    immigrant farmers and the organizations that serve them 

  • We work together to promote just livelihoods for farmers. Justice and equity are basic rights for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation

  • We value and honor diversity in people, cultures, and ways of knowing. We believe that indigenous and community based agricultural knowledge must be respected and preserved

  • We must sustain    natural resources upon which we depend. Farming practices should protect and enhance the land and the surrounding environment

  • We create opportunity through unity and inclusion. Long term self sufficiency of beginning    and immigrant farmers depends on access to services and resources

  • Our cause is advanced by visibility and advocacy. Underserved and underrepresented farmers must have a voice. 


 NIFI is working toward  three long-term goals:  

  1. The development and implementation of progressive national policies responsive to refugee and immigrant farmers’ needs 

  2. The development of the capacities of member organizations working with farmers to support democratic organizational development processes, and 

  3. The development of long-term relationships with farmers, organizations, and communities to work effectively for sustainable livelihoods for new American farmers.


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